Way back at last year’s GDC we got our first look atSpiral Episode 1, an action RPG from Pixel Hero Gamesbuilt in the Unreal Engine. At that time, even though it was early in its development, Spiral looked and played great, offering a unique visual style and made for touchscreencontrols. A few months later and the first trailer for Spiral was released, still looking great, with a planned release of its first episode late in the year. MONE from:NJYTOUCH

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Just downloaded and spent some time on this. The controls take some getting used too but the combat system is really good. It has some depth too and multiple taps in different ways and places perform combos, short tap for a quick hit or long press to charge up. Also has ranged combat and other features. The graphics are simply breath taking and everything is so fluid. The devs have spent a lot of time on this and it shows!

There are 7 chapters with the first taking me 30 minutes. Then there is an arena mode. Levelling isn't exactly RPG like though. It's very basic.

Still an excellent game and very worth checking out. Makes a welcome addition to the countless infinity blade or other unreal engine style games that use the same templates. This is all fresh programmed and done to a high standard.

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Why are you spending your time? Nobody is answering nor even reading your texts.

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