From your smartphone to your car to your computer, and even to your coffee pot, the age of the touchscreen is upon us. But as we transition from a button- and keyboard-centric world to a world of flat panel, capacitive displays, are we hurting ourselves in the process? Do our bodies need to evolve to keep up with technology? Here’s an idea – maybe everything doesn’t need to have a touchscreen. Though PC and tablet manufacturers want to fill your life with interactive touch displays, it’s not always in your body’s best interest.

Are touchscreens an ergonomic solution? For years we’ve heard tales around the office coffee pot of carpal tunnel syndrome, tendinitis, and other repetitive stress injuries caused by working at a traditional computer for too long. Ignoring the advice of ergonomics experts who recommend specific monitor distances, keyboard angles, and mouse grips results in a pain that is much worse than just a case of the Mondays. With the prevalence of touchscreen computers, tablets, and the ever-present smartphone, you’d think touching a screen to scroll would be better than constantly stressing your scrolling finger, right? MONE


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I think technology manufacturers are more aware of the health problems generated by electronic devices. It really is a "touch screen" is very present today either in tablets or smart phones but if it is enhanced to reduce the effort made by its users, in order to replace several steps that were necessary prev by only one step (touch or drag), then maybe you can bring more convenience to consumers.

Also, I think if we combine the two inputs, physical buttons and touch screen in order to force users to change the position of their hands when working on computers, we may have an improvement in the problem of repetitive stress.

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