Apple’s iPhone 5 is the predecessor of the new gadgets which are the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C. Owners of such handsets have been worrying for a period of time now that their old mobile phones may become obsolete because of the new iPhone debuts. However, a new test has revealed that iPhone 5 may still be better than Android when it comes to speed performance.

Agawi, a company which develops applications and game streaming, conducted an experiment about the level of responsiveness that iPhone 5 has against old models of Android smartphones. The touch screen feature is the main focus of this test and it turned out that the sixth generation Apple mobile phone is still twice as fast compared to the Android devices. The specific results are captured by cameras operating at the maximum 240fps and produced with Touchscope which measured response time. This lets iPhone 5 users calm down a little bit from their worries.Mone

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