Audio Picotando quando há mais de uma coisa reproduzindo audio

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Eu formatei o meu computador e comprei um headset novo ao mesmo tempo, então nao sei a partir de qual desses dois fatores que o problema começou. Se eu assisto um video no youtube, o audio permanece normal, e se eu estou jogando um jogo, o audio também permanece normal, porém se eu estou com o jogo aberto, e o video rodando na outra aba, o meu audio em ambos começa a picotar constantemente. O que pode ser?






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Experiencing audio chopping when running multiple audio sources simultaneously could be attributed to various factors. Here are some potential causes and troubleshooting steps to help identify and resolve the issue:

1. **Driver Issues:**

   - Ensure that your audio drivers are up-to-date. Visit the official website of your headset manufacturer and your computer's sound card to download and install the latest drivers.

   - Consider uninstalling and reinstalling the audio drivers to rule out any potential corruption.

2. **USB Port or Connection Problems:**

   - If your new headset connects via USB, try using a different USB port on your computer. A faulty or overloaded USB port can cause audio disruptions.

   - Check the headset's cable for any damage and consider trying a different cable if available.

3. **Resource Allocation:**

   - Monitor your system's resource usage (CPU, RAM) while running both the game and YouTube video. High resource consumption may result in audio glitches.

   - Close unnecessary background applications to free up system resources for smoother audio playback.

4. **Audio Settings:**

   - Check your computer's audio settings to ensure that the correct playback device is selected. Sometimes, conflicts arise when multiple audio devices are connected.

   - Adjust the audio quality settings in your sound control panel to match the specifications of your headset.

5. **Browser Settings:**

   - If the issue primarily occurs when using a web browser, try using a different browser to see if the problem persists. Browsers can sometimes interfere with audio playback.

6. **Check for Interference:**

   - Ensure there are no wireless devices or other electronic equipment causing interference with your headset's wireless signal if applicable.

7. **Compatibility Issues:**

   - Verify that your headset is compatible with your operating system. Check the manufacturer's website for any known compatibility issues or firmware updates.

8. **Update Operating System:**

   - Make sure your operating system is fully updated. System updates often include fixes for various issues, including audio-


9. **Test with Different Media Players:**

   - Try playing audio from different media players or applications to determine if the issue is specific to certain programs.

By systematically addressing these potential causes, you can hopefully pinpoint the source of the audio chopping issue and take appropriate steps to resolve it.